Xianming Lin (林憲明, Lin Xianming) is a trained assassin formerly hired by the Kakyu Association. After the events of the Mayor Harada Scandal, he turns to freelancing and freeloads off Zenji Banba.

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Due to his upbringing in the slums and being separated from his sister for nine years, he wears women's clothing most of the time to feel closer to his sister and better about himself compared to when he grew up poor and unclean.

He has long, light-brown hair that reaches his lower back and is noted to have androgynous facial features. He is most commonly shown wearing a brown vest over a white chiffon blouse with a red ribbon, a red skirt, and long black socks.

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Lin is rather impartial to social norms such as gender stereotypes, as he has been quoted saying he never understood what was so wrong with men wearing skirts if women could wear pants and generally enjoys wearing makeup and decking himself out in female attire. He finds great joy in seeing how beautiful he looks in each outfit.

He initially starts off as very frugal to pay the debt he had to Zhang at the beginning of the series, but after that matter was taken care of Lin starts to frequently shop and spend more money, though not to an outrageous degree. He does, however, have a tendency to go shop and spend money when stressed. Because he grew up poor, he is very conscious of how much money he has and has developed a principle to never waste food, even if he does not like it.

Due to a betrayal with his friend Feilang and the harsh upbringing he had to go through to become a hitman, Lin is self-reliant and has difficulty opening up and putting his trust in others until he met Banba and his friends. He tends to be curt when talking with others and can be at times too harsh or insensitive when considering other's feelings, but this seems to stem with his belief to face a hard fact at face value than to sugar coat the reality of the situation.


Lin lived his childhood with his mother and younger sister in the slums of China. His father indulged in drinking and gambling, and at some point, he left his family and his remaining debt behind. Lin often had to go out on the streets to find scraps of food to eat.

Men from the human trafficking business approached Lin's mother every day to ask her to sell her children, which she refused. Seeing his sick mother desperately try and support him and his sister over her own well being, Lin decided to sell himself to the human traffickers.

At age nine he was brought to a facility to be trained as an assassin, filling out one of the empty spots of a recently passed trainee. He was then introduced to his roommate and partner, Feilang, who became his first friend. Together, they helped each other out during lessons and training over the next four years. Lin and Feilang grow close over that period of time and vowed to work together after they made it out of the facility. However, the day of their exam, the two were locked into their room and weapons were laid out for them. They were ordered no one would leave until one of them killed the other. Lin initially attempted to find a way out, when he was attacked by Feilang. In a panic, Lin grabbed the nearest object near him and attacked Feilang with it, making a deep cut on his face. Feilang seemed to have died, and thus Lin was allowed out of the room, and shortly after he began his life as a hitman. About a year after graduation, he was sent to Japan to work under the Kakyu Association's executive Zhang.


Mayor Harada Scandal ArcEdit

Lin heads to the Hakata ward to assassinate Takashi - a worker at Club Miroir - under orders from the Kakyu Association. He dresses up more femininely than usual to deceivingly act like Takashi's lover and is let in easily when Takashi's girlfriend answers the door. After he is let inside, he slits the throat of the woman with a kitchen knife just as Takashi comes out of the bathroom, before proceeding to kill him as well.

After he finishes his job there, he heads over to the Tenjin district to do window shopping when he receives a call from his boss Zhang, who has another assignment for him. Once he finishes the call, Lin receives his target's address - a police detective - and heads over there to kill him only to discover the man already died.

Lin directly confronts Zhang at the Kakyu Association's office, disputing over his pay for his work and attempting to claim he deserved to be paid for the detective's death as his kill. Zhang corrects him and informs him that the detective did not commit suicide but that it was the work of another hitman. He then hands over Banba's business card and orders him to kill him by the next day. Lin refuses and proclaims he is going on strike until he pays him his fair share, deciding to go to Banba's office and kill any other hitmen Zhang sends to spite him. On his way back to his residence, he is bumped into by Yamato. Still fuming from his previous conversation with Zhang, Lin punches the man in the stomach and threatens him. He lets the man go but realizes when he gets home that the man had stolen his wallet.

He heads over to Banba's office, and upon finding the spare key outside the office door he lets himself inside to find the man in question absent. He lounges on the sofa watching TV, waiting for Banba's return. When Banba comes back home, Lin informs him that he was given the assignment to carry out his assassination before telling him that he is on strike over his dispute with Zhang and tells him he has come to protect him in his place. Banba initially rejects his offer until Lin manages to overpower him and prove himself, making Banba reluctantly have him stay. Before Lin could get too comfortable, Banba coerces Lin to go out and buy him a spicy pollack roe from the store nearby. Although annoyed, Lin does head out and gets the product Banba asked for. On his way back, he encounters a man who calls him by name and proceeds to punch Lin in the gut. Before Lin could retaliate, the assailant begins to turn away. When he questions his motives, the man explains the host he ran into earlier, Yamato, had tasked him to avenge him by giving him a punch to the stomach like Lin did to him. The man introduces himself as the torturer José Martínez and hands him his business card.

Lin arrives back at Banba's place to find him watching a baseball game on the TV. After the game is finished, Banba prepares an instant ramen meal for him and they eat together. Lin later falls asleep on the coach and wakes up to find Banba gone and a hitman sent by Zhang in the apartment. Lin easily beats down the intruder and binds him with spare rope when Banba arrives home. Banba suggests they should let the man go, and before they do Lin gives the hitman the instruction to tell Zhang to pay up. After the man leaves, Banba calls Lin by name, startling him, and asks him about his situation. When Lin tells him he has debt to pay, Banba offers to pay the remaining amount of his debt to answer his questions about Lin himself and the organization he works for. After the questioning, Lin takes his money and leaves the office.

As Lin is heading home however, he gets a call from Zhang. He boasts to his former boss that he received the last of the money to pay his debt back but is taken aback when Zhang mentions that he must have not seen the news. He drops the phone call, and when he arrives back home he turns on the TV to see that his sister, Qiaomei, had been found dead in a hotel in Fukuoka. Lin immediately calls Zhang back on the details and is horrified to hear that Qiaomei had been forced into human trafficking despite Lin's request for no one to touch her and that his mother passed away years ago. Outraged, Lin storms into the Kakyu Association's headquarters to confront Zhang. Just as he is about to kill him, another hitman, Ivanov, arrives to stop him. Lin manages to come out of the encounter victorious but injured. There is a phone call on Ivanov's cell phone, and Lin decides to pick it up to try and pretend to be the man he just killed and avoid suspicion. He is seen through by Munakata, however, and accidentally gives his location away. Just as Lin is about to make his escape, Banba arrives to aid him make it out safely. Once Lin passes out in the car from his injuries and emotional stress, Banba takes him to Saeki to be treated.

Lin wakes up at Banba's office and attempts to leave and go after Zhang but is stopped by Banba who suggests they work together to devise a plan. Shigematsu arrives to talk about the case with Qiaomei and what the police department had found out about the suspect with Enokida arriving shortly afterwards to show the security footage of the crime scene, showing Saitoh's innocence and that assassins working under the mayor were correlated in Qiaomei's murder. Enokida suggests the mayor's son Yusuke to be the culprit given his track record. Hearing that, Lin suggests posing as a woman and get sold to the mayor's team in order to get close to Yusuke and kill him, requesting Enokida and Banba to help carryout his plan.

Lin gets ready and meets Banba at the square. He gets into the large suitcase Banba brings and is handed over to the mayor's men. He is carried somewhere, and when the case opens he finds himself not at Yusuke's apartment but in the execution room in the Kakyu Association's office, surrounded by Zhang and his men. He attempts to contact Banba with the redback spider listening device he was given, but the Niwaka Samurai appears, throwing a head at his feet. After Lin gets beaten up by Zhang's lackeys, Zhang orders the Niwaka Samurai to cut off his head only for the Niwaka Samurai to turn on Zhang and cut down him and his allies. The Niwaka Samurai releases Lin from his bounds, revealing himself to be Banba much to Lin's surprise. Shigematsu arrives at the scene, and tells them they would clean up the bodies here, which the two get into Banba's car to head over to Yusuke's apartment.

They meet Jiro and Saitoh there, where they wait for Reiko to open the door for them after Banba prompts her to make a run for it by calling her. Once inside, Lin and Banba search the room for Yusuke when the man in question rushes out at them with a gun. However, they are rescued by Saitoh, who manages to incapacitate him with a blow to the back. Afterwards, Lin goes to the warehouse with Banba and Jiro to watch Yusuke confess for his crime. When he hears the admission, Lin goes into a rage and beats up Yusuke but is stopped by Banba before he goes too far. Jiro and Martinez ask if Lin will watch the torture take place, but Lin decides he has had enough and walks away, Banba following after him.

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  • His official nationality is Taiwanese, but he was actually born in China.
  • The anime has his birthday listed in November, however in the third volume of the light novels it is stated to have recently had a birthday sometime between mid or late July.

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