Shigematsu (重松, Shigematsu) is a police detective in the Hakata Ward and a long time friend of Zenji Banba. He is the catcher of their grass-lot baseball team, the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Shigematsu is shown with short dark brown hair and a mustache. He is usually seen wearing a suit.

Personality Edit

He is a patient and calm man who has a high standard for justice. Well acquainted with the high crime rate and the shady business carried out in the underbelly of Fukuoka City, he adopted the standpoint that in order to fight against criminals, it is necessary to become a criminal himself. As such he frequently gives jobs to Banba to carryout when he cannot pursue a case beyond his public disposition.

History Edit

Mayor Harada Scandal Arc Edit

Meeting up with Banba in Kego Park, Shigematsu provides him confidential data on the investigation regarding a murder of another detective and acquaintance of his and requests Banba to look into the matter. After Banba accepts the job, Shigematsu hands over a photo of Mayor Harada at Club Miroir that the now deceased detective was investigating into.

A few days later, Shigematsu meets up with Banba at the batting cages to ask about the progress into the case. Banba informs him that the woman they saw with the mayor was a former member of Murder Inc. as well as the suspect of the detective's murder. When Banba tells him he left bait by heading to Club Miroir to directly ask about the mayor's visit with them, Shigematsu is concerned and warns Banba a hitman could possibly be sent after him for that.

The following day, Shigematsu is called by Banba to look into the recent murder of Qiaomei Lin and is summoned to Banba's office to talk with him and Xianming Lin. After seeing the strangulation marks on Lin's neck, Shigematsu is convinced Ivanov is the man responsible for his colleague's death before showing the data of the investigation into the suspect Takuya Itou (Saitoh) for Qiaomei's murder. He tells them of Takuya's activities the night of the crime but also mentions the irregularity of previous cases and that Takuya just came to Fukuoka from Tokyo in the past few days. Once Shigematsu provides as much information into the case as he could, he returns home.

That night Shigematsu and his team arrive at the Kakyu Association's office shortly after the Niwaka Samurai cuts down everyone there and handle the cleanup of their bodies.