"6th up to Bat" (第6打席) is the sixth chapter in Volume 01 of the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens manga.


Banba updates Shigematsu on the details of his investigation, telling him that he had paid a visit to Club Miroir. There he had questioned the manager, who claimed to not remember whether or not the mayor had been there.

Meanwhile, Reiko, Ivanov and Shinohara blow up a car containing Masaki Yoshida, Tatsuya Yamashiro and Jun Murase, the friends of Yusuke who were involved in attacking the foreigners. Their plan is to make it look like a DUI.

Meanwhile, Zhang makes arrangements with Munakata to get rid of Lin, in exchange for providing them with a woman to give to Yusuke.

In the meantime, Banba arrives home to see Lin watching television in his living room. Lin, despite being sent there to kill him, offers his services as a bodyguard in order to get back at Zhang over a pay dispute.

Banba, however, insists he does not need to be protected, especially by a woman. Undeterred, Lin tackles Banba and pins him down onto the bed revealing himself to be a man. Some time later, because Lin has urged him not to leave the safety of his home, Banba asks him to go out and buy some spicy pollock roe.

That night, Saitoh is shocked to get a call from his superior congratulating him for a job well done, despite the fact he had not killed Jun Murase as asked. However, when he finds out how much he has been paid, he happily takes the credit for it and decides to spend his pay check on a night out.

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