"5th up to Bat" (第5打席) is the fifth chapter in Volume 01 of the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens manga.


After bundling Saitoh into a car, Misaki asks if she can keep a cat they had found for helping Jiro capture Jun Murase. Jiro agrees but stipulates it will stay at his bar and she will pay for the things it needs with her own money.

Some time later, Saitoh finds himself bound to a chair and forced to witness a high schooler, Shota Yamazaki, being brutally tortured by José Martínez. He is also horrified to overhear that the torture is being carried out on the request of a cat owner, whose cat was killed by Shota.

The torture only ends when Shota is, to Saitoh’s horror, decapitated. Since he has been mistaken for Jun Murase, Saitoh is bracing himself to suffer a similar fate.

However, after Jiro removes the tape from Saitoh’s mouth, he manages to prove that he is not Jun by showing him his Murder, Inc. business card. After hearing that Saitoh had been sent to kill Jun Murase, Jiro apologises for the misunderstanding and after untying him, hands him his business card. He tells Saitoh to get in touch if he ever wanted to take revenge against anyone.

The next morning, Lin wakes up to a call from Zhang, who tells Lin to kill Banba at some point that day. However, Lin refuses and says he will not do it until he gets paid properly. Zhang refuses to back down and tells Lin that he will just send other killers to do the job if Lin does not intend to do it.

Afterwards, Lin strengthens his resolve to defy his boss and plans to kill any other killers who are sent to kill Banba.

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