"4th up to Bat" (第4打席) is the fourth chapter in Volume 01 of the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens manga.


Saitoh is nervous as he buys the necessary tools for his assignment, setting out afterwards to kill Jun Murase. He lets himself into Jun's empty apartment and lays in wait inside the bathroom. While sitting there, Saitoh again begins to worry about whether or not he could truly kill an innocent person, yet at the same time he is plagued by fear at the thought of being killed himself for not carrying out the job.

At that moment, the doorbell rings. Confused, Saitoh decides to answer the door to see Jiro and Misaki, who introduce themselves as new neighbours and offer a small gift. Saitoh decides to play along and pretends to be Jun, but soon finds himself being attacked and tied up.

Meanwhile, Xianming Lin is having a disagreement with Zhang over the pay for his previous job. While Lin argues that he should have been paid for the job to kill Takeda, Zhang maintains that he does not need to pay up for a job Lin did not do. Despite his complaints, Lin is given the task of killing Zenji Banba.

On the way home Lin is bumped into by Yamato, who he ends up punching and threatening. However, he soon comes to realise that his wallet has just been stolen.

In the meantime, Munakata and his group report to the mayor about Takeda, who they had successfully killed before be could investigate any further into the mayor. They also update him on his son’s wrongdoings, namely the murder of the girl and the attack on the foreigners. The mayor tells the group he is counting on them.

That night, Munakata tells Shinohara the story of the time he encountered the Niwaka Samurai.

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