"3rd up to Bat" (第3打席) is the third chapter in Volume 01 of the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens manga.


Saitoh meets the head of the Fukuoka Branch, who hands Saitoh his new business cards and tells him his fake name is Takuya Itou. Saitoh is then given the task of killing a university student named Jun Murase by 9pm that evening.

Meanwhile, Banba meets up with Enokida in order to find out more information about the killer who is working under the mayor – they discover her name is Reiko Asakura, a former Murder, Inc. employee who specialises in the use of poison. However, Banba realises she is most likely not responsible for Takeda’s death and requests that Enokida search for a killer who specialises in strangulation. With this, they discover that another former employee of Murder, Inc. Ivanov Hisashi, is most likely the culprit. Enokida assists Banba further by giving him a GPS-equipped listening device.

After leaving, Banba runs into a young man who immediately tries to run away. Grabbing the man’s arm, Banba immediately recognises him as Yamato, a pickpocket who has a side job as a host. Banba asks for his wallet back, but is surprised to find Yamato had also grabbed the photo Shigematsu had given him.

Yamato immediately explains that the man in the back of the photo (Takashi) was killed in his apartment along with his lover. He also explains that he worked at a club named Miroir, describing it as both a high-class club and a dangerous organization. After paying Yamato for the information, Banba heads straight to Miroir.

In the meantime, Reiko is sent to deal with the Mayor’s son, Yusuke Harada, who is casually watching television in spite of the grisly scene Reiko discovers in his bedroom. He has raped and murdered a woman, leaving her splayed out across his bed. Despite being disgusted by his actions, Reiko scolds Yusuke for not thinking about his position as the mayor's son and for not properly disposing of the bodies of the women he has killed.

Reiko then asks Yusuke what he is watching. It is a video he recorded of his friends beating up some foreigners as part of the “King’s Game”, in which the other players must follow the orders of the King. Angered, Reiko demands the names of the people in the video as she intends to eliminate them.

Meanwhile, Saitoh heads to Jun Murase’s apartment and wonders whether or not he can really go through with killing him. 

Characters in order of AppearanceEdit

  • Yusuke Harada