Character History Titles

I've been thinking about this for a while, but I think it would help more on character history pages to label events by arc names than light novel 1, light novel 2, etc. Especially since the timeline of events differ in the anime, and I agree with Allihaveisnerves that maybe we should separate the anime history into its own tab from an earlier discussion.
Since the manga follows the light novels closely, we can even add screengrabs from the manga to put in the history occasionally for a visual if we so wanted to for the first tabber. Though I'm getting ahead of myself with potential ideas.
Anyway, I was thinking for something like this:
First Arc - Mayoral Election Arc or Mayoral Scandal Arc
Second Arc - Niwaka Samurai Imposter Arc
I admit, I don't have that good of ideas, so if anyone has any better titles or better alternatives, I'm all ears. I'm also not against with what we have currently, but I think any visitor can understand events better if they see a general title than just stating light novel 1, light novel 2, and so forth. Many will have seen the anime first, and not know which events belong to which light novel. We just need to make a unified decision.
What's also an option is using dates, though I'm not a huge man of this. The series is chronological, with the series starting in November in the light novels and May in the anime and it frequently tells you which month and/or day it is in each arc. So it's possible to use the dates, and thus show the different timeline compared to the novels in the anime tab when we get there, but again I'm less than a fan of it.
Please feel free to give any input. Again, we don't have to change what we currently have, but I thought there is no harm in at least considering it.