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• 1/19/2018

Anime vs LN Continuity Issues

I wanted to point out that there is some timeline differences between the original source material and the anime. And it is more than they switch scenes around (though there is quite a lot). Those are minor.
The two big ones I have noticed in the latest episode are that the current arc is said to be in May and the birth date listed on Lin's ID.

Both of these could have been mistakes done by the anime team. The first novel takes place in November during the mayoral elections (and in Japan elections don't happen in spring from my knowledge). However, it could also be just as possible the anime team did not want a huge time jump of more than half a year between this current arc and the next one like in the novels.

The second one is in regard's to Lin's ID. In the third novel it is stated that he recently turned 20. That novel takes place in late July/early August. But in the anime you can clearly see his birth date is listed in November.

I am not sure how to best move forward in putting certain information chronologically, especially under a character's history on their respectful pages. At least for the former I do not expect we will need to specify anime vs LN time, but for the latter I think at the very least it should be noted somewhere on Lin's page that the birth date is anime only and he turns 20 in a different month than that in his trivia or info box.

Personally I think adding information from the light novels in terms of events is more important than the anime portrayals since that is the source material, but at the same time I do not think it wise to ignore them either. To help keep track of any future continuity issues, I suggest listing them all here so any and all editors can have a place to reference. If anyone has suggestions on how to best to approach it we can discuss here.
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• 1/21/2018
Some wikis have these manga/anime tabs either for the infoboxes or the whole character pages. It could be light_novel/anime here. It's done with a <tabber>.
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