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• 11/5/2017

'Create character page' button

1. 'Create character page button' on the home site should create a blank character page that's consistent with the existing character pages. We should probably decide on a format for a character page (headings etc.) and then work toward making a button that works correctly. I don't have a preference for how a character page should be (you can look at the three that are there though). Also, I may have a hard time making that button but I will try once the format is decided if nobody else can/wants to make it.

2. The same thing with the 'Create episode page' except there are no actual anime episodes yet.

3. I deleted the 'Create season page' button from the home site (for obvious reasons). Hopefully that's ok. There is a page for Season 1 already. I made an infobox for seasons, too. If anybody can, check if it's coreect and/or improve wording in it.

4. For some reason the Characters category page had a 'Create episode page' button that also didn't work. I tried to make a working 'Create a character page' button there but failed so I deleted the button for now. If you want it there and can make a working one, please add it.

5. Maybe there should be a 'Create a book page' button, too. Either on the home site or on the category page.

I don't think any of this is particularly urgent but it should be sorted out. Or these buttons should be deleted altogether.
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• 1/16/2018
Just FYI right now all that is deleted and I don't plan on doing anything about it anymore.
• 1/21/2018
Just to make it clear, these buttons were deleted by the Staffer who changed the theme and the layout of the main page, not by me. But either way, that problem is solved that way.
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